Casino Tricks That Make You Spend Your Money

Have you ever wondered why casinos all around the world have managed to generate so much revenue consistently in all these years? Casinos have been in existence since a long time and their popularity only seems to increase. The reason why casinos get richer is because the people visiting them get poorer. Casinos make people feel comfortable, optimistic and they are designed to play with your psyche. They use tricks that are so unobtrusive that you might not even notice them. Some of these tricks are simple and very effective. Let us look at some of the most common ways in which casinos make you spend your money.

Design and architecture

Though most casinos look similar inside, a lot of them spend a significant amount of money on their theme. Unless a casino looks attractive, a guest would not be interested in paying a visit.

The design of a casino is such that a guest gets lost inside and finds it tough to find a way out. The restrooms and exits are strategically placed so that you cannot get to them without being tempted to try your hand at gambling once again. They are usually located far at the back.

You might not have any help to orient yourself and the casino is designed so that you lose your sense of time and direction. You will never find a casino with watches or windows which can help you realise that it is time to leave. After all, the longer you stay, the more you play, hence the more you can lose and the more a casino can earn.

Retain the big rollers

Casinos make money from almost every visitor but special importance is given to the ones that spend a good amount of money there. In fact, casinos use a good deal of their resources to keep them happy and to retain them.

The big rollers are treated royally and are offered luxurious gifts. Some of them may be offered limousine services, airline tickets or even a hotel suite. The longer a high roller stays inside, the more money they are going to spend.

Also, it acts as a great way to promote their casino to other high rollers as they can learn about the services being offered at the casino.

Taste of winning

Though winning at a casino is a great thrill, the process when you almost wincomes a close second. The casinos make you almost win and this in turn encourages you to play more. The different games in the casino may make you feel like you have almost won, but this will surely lead to a loss in the long run as you play persistently.

Ambience and atmosphere

Casinos work on the principle of comfort and the music, lighting and d├ęcor reflect that. They would want you to feel most comfortable so you can play for a long time and spend more money. They also make sure the area is kept clean and clutter free so that it remains spotless and inviting to play. The sounds that you hear on the slot machines even when you lose are the chirpy and festive kinds which make you feel like playing another round.

Winners are always visible

The one thing that gets people most excited are the lights and sounds when someone wins. The flashing lights and sounds are kept on till a staff member arrives.

This is also done so that everyone around knows that there is a winner. What better motivation to continue playing than the possibility of knowing that you could also be a winner?

Using chips instead of cash

When people use chips instead of cash for playing, they have lesser concerns about losing since it does not look like real money.Chips are also a great way for casinos to keep track of how much money is going in and out of the casino. Chips only hold good at casinos. Hence when someone changes money into chips, they are most likely to spend it completely than getting it cashed back. Also, the counters to change chips back to money are located such that they are not easy to find. This is another way to make people spend all the chips they have.

Free goodies

The freebies like drinks, snacks, alcohol, buffets, show tickets etc. are a great motivation for people to come back and try their luck. These free services make people feel important and they are likely to return even if they have lost money when playing. For a casino, a returning guest is another possibility of making money. Casinos are a great source of entertainment for adults and we hope this information is useful for you during your next visit here